Monday, November 12, 2007

Tank Girl

As a child my experience with alternative comic was through movie. I saw films, like Tank Girl and Howard the Duck, and fell in love with the characters, but had no idea how to obtain copies of their comicbooks. Now with the internet and tradepaperbacks I have also fallen in love with the characters as they should be, but I still love those movies. Sure a lot of people hate them because they distorted the characters in all the wrong ways, but I look at them as my gateway to great comics.

Now Jamie Hewlett is making vibrators...


I wish he would just go back to making good comics like this:


At least Alan Martin is continuing to write for this amazing character. He resently released Tank Girl: The Gifting with artist Ashley Wood. Ashley had this to say about himself working on the project: "So if there ever was going to be a new Tank Girl series, I would want Jaime Hewlett doing the artwork and Alan Martin writing it... right...” Wood writes. "Well if Jaime cant draw it, then damn it, I'm putting my hand up... and I am."

Martin's spot-on critque of youth culture:
"We were concerned that she didn't make her re-appearance in the same, tired old clothes that she bowed out in some twelve years ago. What was alternative, upsetting, anarchic, and just plain odd-ball back then has since become common place. Mainstream media smothers us daily with punky chic, and modern day babies can be seen sporting spikey hairdos and Travis Bickle T-shirts. The uniform of the cultural revolutionary has been sold to The Man. So how to rebel? How give the finger to the fashion fascists? Normal is the only way ahead. Dress like a high school teacher from the mid-eighties, or pick clothes from your boring aunty's wardrobe. The only way left to rebel is to dress like you're not rebelling."

Now for music
Tank Girl OST

01 Ripper Sole - Stomp
02 Army of Me - Bjork
03 Girl U Want - Devo
04 Mockingbird Girl - The Magnificent Bastards
05 Shove - L7
06 Drown Soda - Hole
07 Bomb - Bush
08 Let's Do It - Joan Jett & Paul Westerberg
09 Theif - Belly
10 Aurora - Veruca Salt
11 Big Gun - Ice-T

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