Thursday, October 18, 2007

Best Gas Mask Ever!!

In my quest to breath safely and be fashionable, I have finally found someting that fulfills both needs.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


was a crusty hardcore band from PRESCOTT, Arizona with members from Litchfield and Torrington CT.
tfo-drums/vox (Pistol Whipped Bastards, Sarcophagus, Misanthropic Noise)
not on this demo:
grizz-vox (DSY, Disfinger, Human Condition, Hip Cops...)

Dis/Exist - Hardcore For the Drunx Demo

1. Christian HC can kiss my ass
2. Can't be karma
3. A is for autonomy
4. We are the system

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rat Byte

Rat Byte is great! Rat byte was a skate punk band from Connecticut. They sang about skating(duh!), hating school, hating cops, and hating work. Two members are now in Guilty Faces. I haven't heard them yet but I am told they're not so great.
Here is their demo CDR. All these song were later put out on 7inches.

Rat Byte - Demo CDR

1. Nowhere
2. Do You Remember
3. Fun
4. I Want Out
5. Speed
6. My Boss is a Jerk
7. Fuck the Cops!
8. Frustration
9. School Daze

I Don't have a scanner yet so i can't post the cover for now, but check out the cover to their s/t 7". It's rad as hell!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Little Wings

this will be where i post:
and other garbage

today Kyle Field:
Kyle Field is the man behind the band Little Wings.
Field was born in Alabama, the son of a college football coach, but his family quickly moved to California where he grew up to love surfing. Kyle's fluid surfing style displays both the swooping and soaring of a gull. Living primarily as a transient and always touring, he has spent time working in liquor stores and living in his truck's camper shell.
Kyle played bass in the band Rodriguez with M. Ward and Mike Funk.
During a disastrous tour of Hawaii in the Spring of 2006, Kyle slept under a bridge because no one, including the organizers of the tour, knew he was in town. Consequently, he got sick.
Field is also an acclaimed visual artist. His first book of drawings was released on the Label Ahornfelder.

little wings is fun mellow acoustic indie pop
little wings - grow
little wings - light green leaves
Rodriguez - Swing Like a Metronome