Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rat Byte

Rat Byte is great! Rat byte was a skate punk band from Connecticut. They sang about skating(duh!), hating school, hating cops, and hating work. Two members are now in Guilty Faces. I haven't heard them yet but I am told they're not so great.
Here is their demo CDR. All these song were later put out on 7inches.

Rat Byte - Demo CDR

1. Nowhere
2. Do You Remember
3. Fun
4. I Want Out
5. Speed
6. My Boss is a Jerk
7. Fuck the Cops!
8. Frustration
9. School Daze

I Don't have a scanner yet so i can't post the cover for now, but check out the cover to their s/t 7". It's rad as hell!!

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